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Special Stories about oak vats and kegs

Ray Bareis

One of several fascinating stories from Ray Bareis, born about 1900 and raised across the street from the Brewery, is that of childhood memories of the lakefront side of the Brewery. The Brewery had a rail spur between the icehouse and other buildings. In the open yard, coopers repaired wooden kegs. Using two-handed wood shaving tools, they would shape replacement staves for a broken keg. Once enough of these repaired kegs were ready, the pitching machine would be turned on. This machine would pitch rosin like material inside the barrel to seal it and protect the beer. The yard also had a large wooden tank with thick sidewalls raised on legs that would allow its contents to be dumped into a rail car. This was for broken glass from the bottling operation. According to Ray, the gang initiation was to walk around the top of the container in bare feet! Of course, “if you were caught by Brewery employees, you got bounced back home.”

Clayton Bossart

"My name is Clayton J. Bossart from Monroeville, PA. I worked several summers plus odd weeks during holiday breaks from school at the brewery. My Dad, John L. Bossart, worked there over 40 years. When the Brewery offered him a contract to serve the city of Madison's bars during the latter part of WWII, I worked for him as well.

My Grandfather, Joseph Bossart, is pictured on your site driving the horse-drawn load of keg beer (See above left).

There was another picture of Joseph Bossart hanging in the Fauerbach Bar where he had a keg on each of his massive shoulders. I can never forget that one; did that make it into your archives? My Uncle Joe Schroeder also worked at Fauerbach for many years."

Clayton Bossart

"I handled those monster kegs back then. As I remember Fauerbach had a mixture of wooden kegs and steel kegs at that time, probably because they wanted to use up the older kegs until they had served their purpose. Both weighed about 220 lbs in the 1/2 bbl size, compared to 155 lbs for the aluminum kegs that came later. Both used some kind of black pitch inside; you didn't want either the wood or steel flavor in your glass of beer. The wooden kegs were also water soaked to further prevent leakage (and probably splitting), so their weight must have varied more than the steel kegs. We usually off-loaded these kegs from the tail gate or side doors of the truck by guiding and dropping them as gently as one's strenghth allowed onto a "bumper" shaped like a pillow, usually made from heavy rope.

I vaguely remember some steel or wood kegs in full barrel size. The bars around the University preferred those; they sold a lot of tap beer! I did handle some of those 31 gallon aluminum kegs (about 310 lbs), when I was older. Sales of that size seemed to be pretty much confined to the UW bars."

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Bill Rogers Malt House --  Fauerbach beer served at Union House/Malt House for 3 centuries

Fauerbach Brewery History for Milwaukee based Museum of Beer and Brewing Newsletter 2015, Darrell Smith, author and president.

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Hess Cooperage Presentations by Gary and Jim Hess

Gary Hess and cousin Jim Hess have presented the story of their family cooperage and white oak beer barrels to 170 groups since May 2005.
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    Fauerbach Wagon with Hess barrels 1910   

Gary Hess and cousin Jim Hess at one of their Hess Cooperage presentations

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