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Madison, Wisconsin  1848 - 1966

Click here for a brief history of the Fauerbach Brewing Company of  Madison, Wisconsin and related Madison, Wisconsin breweries.
The Company had a large role in the history of Madison, Wisconsin from 1848 to 1966.  Several other Madison Wisconsin breweries are documented.

1905 Lake Monona, Madison, backside of the brewery after a 5 year expansion project. Steamboat landing pier, gazebo, icehouses, sailboats, malt shovel wind vane on tower, kettle smoke.

Recently seen  - new and old

A dozen 100 year anniversary beer glasses from the Copper Grid near Camp Randle Stadium in Madison Wisconsin

100 year glasses Fauerbach

From Fritz, Ann, and Laura Seybold, Madison, Wisconsin

Early Fauerbach brochures 1898           Plus Rare matchbooks - brewery(left) and a beer parlor in Minot, ND (right)

Fauerbach Archives

Fauerbach Archives

           Madison breweries and related breweries.

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Contributions: Wisconsin State Historical Society, Jack Holzhueter, Matt McNamara, Kris and  Fred Fauerbach, John Steiner, Ted Smith, Tye Schwalbe, John R. Fauerbach Family, Virginia Fauerbach Van Denburgh Family, Philip and Joyce Gaffney, Gary Hess, John Melius, Jody Glynn Patrick, Warren Hillmer and Ken Kurtenacker.

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